Friday, March 15, 2013

Some Small Things to Notice About a Small State

On the right track? One hopes so.
It's not that I don't miss San Francisco, especially my friends, the food and the pool atop UCSF Bakar Fitness Center. But after spending seven years feting the city in this blog, I feel compelled to spread the love. 

With that lazy introduction, some observations about my "new" home:

1. It is blissfully quiet.

My first apartment in SF was directly across the street from an active firehouse (don't get me wrong, LOVED the firemen), and above a stop sign on a diesel bus route (that roar of acceleration, not so much).

And while I delighted in the moan of the fog horn at my most recent place, I never have had a chance to appreciate such quiet. The two things I hear, I love: The sound of trains clacking by up the street, and the chime of church bells on Sunday morning.

2. People -- not just men -- hold the door open for me. Everywhere I go, I find this. Why it is, I have no idea. But since it's a pet peeve of mine when people don't look to see who's behind them, I appreciate it.

3. Fresh mushrooms. No, not those! The regular kind. I always know they're local.

4. Plain old 'room! I have so much space in this house that I can lose things, or misplace my jacket, or have to look for the cats. My sister can't even hear me calling to her sometimes to tell her to do something for me in another room. Well, maybe that's a drawback ...

5. Which leads me to No. 5: my sis and bro! It is an unprecedented decadence to be able to drive by my brother's street on the way to work, and my sister's on the way home. (Ever have that feeling that going one way to someplace is the shortest path, while returning in another is the best way?)

And that is something that would have tickled my parents. And so, on the 23rd anniversary of my mom's death, today, I offer up this post as a small thank you. For everything.

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BUBBA CHOC! (sorry, she can't hear you...)