Monday, March 11, 2013

Not Just a Table in Delaware

I have never really had my own dining room table.

You know, a large, inviting, grown-up, family-friendly table to serve Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners on, with enough room to invite everyone you want -- and then some. A comfortable place where kids can do homework and dye eggs, I can write out Christmas cards ... a sturdy, steady member of my house's family.

So I was thrilled when my best childhood girlfriend, Margaret, offered to gift me her family's old one, and its chairs. A few weekends ago, my brother and I went down to Dover in his bad-ass old truck and retrieved this farm table, which by the way is about 10 times heavier than it looks.

It wasn't until we got the table home that I realized what a treasure she'd offered me.

This table has been loved up. There are flecks of crayon in the wood, spots of glitter on the surface.

Turns out this is not just a dining room table. It's the place where Margaret's three kids learned to write, color and draw.

Most importantly, it's where Margaret sat with her firstborn, Lyrissa, who narrowly survived a battle with neuroblastoma, a devious child cancer.

"For that first year that Lyrissa still wasn't well enough to go to any kind of day care or school, she and I sat at that table a lot and did all kinds of crafts," Margaret texted me.

I am so honored.

Now, my favorite place in the house is sitting in one of the chairs where Margaret and Lyrissa sat, embracing life -- for all of us.

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