Thursday, December 09, 2010

This Belly Ain't Gonna Scratch Itself

This is what I get to wake up to: Lulu! My own version of Mr. Winkle. Should I make a Web site and sell T-shirts etc.? Catchy slogans could include: "I eat cat poo -- do you?" and "This belly ain't gonna scratch itself!"

In other news:

* I have fallen in love with oatmeal.
* I have decided that I will not stop for red lights in my dreams.
* Last night I dreamed about pizzelles and am now determined to find a pizzelle iron.
* Am wondering: How does Santa get UP the chimney?

1 comment:

Shaken Mama said...

He lays a finger to the side of his nose, and up the chimney he goes.

As a side note: my old "what do YOU think?" trick works really well with Chebbles' Santa-related questions.