Monday, November 15, 2010

Rock-a-Bye Kitty, on the (Toilet) Tank-Top ...

Disclaimer: No live animals were harmed in the following mishap. All cats appearing in this work are fictitious, and any resemblance to the mortified tabby who streaked away after being rescued is purely coincidental. Right.

So, every morning when I can no longer stand my freakishly long-armed cats swatting my nose like a cat toy, rescue Peke Lucy has awoken -- as evidenced by a distinctly ladylike eruption of sneezes and snorts -- and I have administered the requisite number of belly-rubs as prescribed by the union contract, I feed my critters.

I try to get a few things done before Lucy finishes her dainty snarfing and has to go outside. In today's case, that was scoop the litter box, which lives in the bathroom. It's a big enclosed number, and I haul it up onto the toilet to make scooping easier. Only, just as I set it down, Lucy click-clack-danced down the hardwood-floored hall and I stopped what I was doing to spirit her outside for her constitutional.

Upon returning and opening the front door, there arose such a clatter that I rushed inside to see what was the matter. Nothing appeared out of place in the living room or kitchen and Bear, the black cat, threw me a withering glance as if to say, "What? Racial profiling again? It wasn't ME."

Whereupon I discovered that tabby Jasper apparently had climbed into the litter box as it was perched on the toilet seat, disrupted its balance and pitched forward whiskers-first as the commode nosedived onto the bathroom tile, effectively trapping the furry pooper inside.

I broke out laughing -- which cats will hold against you for more than one life, as cat-lovers everywhere know -- and lifted the box to see a blur of stripes whisk through my legs to safety and anonymity.

After cleaning up the mess, I took pictures that better illustrate the hazard.


Professional actor hired to re-enact the event:

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Shaken Mama said...

Hilarious!! I think there was definitely foul play...

It reminds me somehow of Chebble' habit of pooping in any foreign potty chair she found between the ages of 2 and 3.

She could never be inspired by our own plumbing, and showed zero interest in our own little potty chair, but as soon as we'd arrive at another toddler's house, she'd squeal with delight and begin pooping in the foreign toilet.

What I'm trying to say here, is that I'm guessing the tabby was drawn to the novelty. We do what we can for amusement.