Saturday, March 13, 2010

I (heart) ESL Customer Service Reps

I'm going to go out on a politically incorrect limb here, given that outsourcing has such a bad rap, what with the U.S. suffering from a 9.7 percent unemployment rate and all.

But I love dealing with customer service reps who are in another country, culture and time zone.

They are so freaking polite.

It's a positively Elizabethan experience -- well, if phones and the Internet had been around back then.

They say things like, "The pleasure is all mine" and "a very warm welcome to you" and "kindly take very good care of yourself." And, in general, just make me feel warm and fuzzy all over.

Can you blame me for suddenly needing to get clarification about my BofA statement, or my HP computer's quirks or my Roomba's broken spirit?

I mean, compare it to my recent experience with Kaiser Permanente, which I recently called to make an eye appointment. As the chatty woman was looking up times, she threw out, "So, how's menopause coming?"

The pleasure was all not mine.