Sunday, July 05, 2009

My Neighbors Stink.

I happened to look out the window this afternoon and caught a phalanx of four skunks slinking across my neighbor's back yard. I've seen coyotes and raccoons, and once a skunk on my steps in Noe Valley (it was so cute I had to restrain myself from coming right up to it and trying to pet it), but never around here. I'm a bit concerned for them to be out in broad daylight, as they are nocturnal, and hawks commonly frequent this area. They moved so gracefully, and close together, that at first I couldn't tell how many there were. I was amused at how like cartoon skunk Pepe Le Pew they looked. Adding to the scenario was a black-and-white neighborhood cat who was watching them, camouflaged in the grass, no doubt to avoid their ardor.

1 comment:

Shaken Mama said...

I am envisioning a little thought bubble over the second skunk's head that says, "I was stinking..."