Saturday, October 18, 2008

Objects In My Past Are Closer Than They Appear

OK, first of all, apropos of nothing, I rode on a Ferris Wheel this morning. It was all part of the dedication of the renovations at Lands End, which just might be my favorite place in the world, aside from Phillip's Park in Newark, Del. I love carnivals! (I am planning a trip to Disneyland, where I've never been!)

More to the point of this entry, however, are my parents, and how current events are making me miss them more than ever.

First, my dad was a political sponge. He taught me to vote, every time I had a chance. This will be the first presidential election for which he will not be around to vote. And damn, I miss what he would have to say about it. Surely, he would be attracted to the idea that Joe Biden (my take on him here) finally made it on the executive ticket. But would it be enough to sway the vote of my WWII veteran father?

Secondly, though my lovely mom passed away in 1990, I can't help but feel her presence as I contemplate the Phillies entering the first World Series since 1980, whose games I watched with her on TV.

Mom, Dad -- I don't think either of you realized how much love you sowed. I miss you. But you are still with me.

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Shaken Mama said...

I'm laughing, just thinking of what your dad would be saying about this election. I have no idea specifically what he would say, but I just know he would have had us rolling...

Your parents live here, too, just so you know.