Sunday, October 12, 2008

From Here to Eternity (That's What I Can See)

My eyes still feel a bit scratchy after my surgery, but there's no doubt about it: I now have perfect vision. (20/15 as of my morning-after checkup, and I don't believe the chart gets any better than that.)

Here's the weird thing: I feel vaguely guilty about the whole thing! Is it my Catholic upbringing? My lingering Polish pessimism?

I mean, it just feels so weird to have undergone such a -- really -- miraculous transformation in literally less than 15 minutes.

I'm waiting for the other cornea to drop ...

1 comment:

Shaken Mama said...

What, you weren't happy with the shitty eyesight that the Lord blessed you with?

I wonder if this kind of thing changes one's sex life. I mean, sometimes it might be advantageous to take off one's glasses?