Saturday, June 07, 2008

Small State Hijinx

Just a short post from Just a Girl in Delaware:

What Delaware has all over San Francisco:

* My sister, the birthday girl
* My dad's old temperamental cat
* Subs
* Cheesesteaks
* Fireflies
* Hot weather and sunshine that can actually tan you
* No sales tax
* Parking places
* Bing's Bakery
* The Italian Festival
* OLD cemeteries
* Brick buildings
* Bennigans
* Grotto's Pizza
* The Deerpark
* Dunkin Donuts
* Long, loud freight trains
* Some of my favorite friends

Speaking of ...

Yesterday, I met my old friend Moam (who is the coolest, she's a probation officer AND mother of 3) for lunch at Applebee's in Middletown and she brought her adorable daughter Roo, the one who nearly lost her life to neuroblastoma. (Pictures of Roo and Moam to come when I return to SF.) Whereupon Moam shared this exchange that made me laugh so loud I think I embarrassed her. (Sorry, I can't take me anywhere! At least I didn't snort iced tea out of my nose...)

Roo is 5 now, and lately she's been asking her mom questions about death, which -- given that she was so close to it two years ago -- were more poignant for Moam than the average mother.

As related by Moam, an exclusive Roo moment, brought to you by JAGID, a subsidiary of JAGISF:

"Mommy, where we go when we die?"
"We go to be with Jesus, honey."
"Oh. So, we go home?"
(At which point Moam is touched and impressed by Roo's precocious understanding of a spiritual "home.")
"Yes, honey, it's like going home, being with Jesus."
"NO, Mommy! I mean, when we're done dying, do we come back to our house?!"


Shaken Mama said...

Roo is awesome -- what a good question!!

parksie555 said...

Is this really Sue Sczubelek - Delaware is the coolest, I still live there, in the middle of old Newark.

I was thinking about you the other day, I still ride my bike around Newark quite a bit and I usually go by your old house in the Binns during my rides.

I think it is awesome that you are able to make a living writing. Being an engineer can be really boring. I am hoping for a second career as a history professor.

Like your blog a lot, some interesting observations!