Sunday, February 03, 2008

A Stroll Down Moamory Lane

The Moams at their old haunt, Friendly's, 2007*

In honor of this virtual walk, I'm tuned in to Casey Kasem's top-40 countdown for 2/6/88 (could that possibly be 20 years ago?!) via my Direct TV. Now playing: "The Way You Make Me Feel," (video) by Michael Jackson, when he still looked human.

Moam, I apologize for leaving you hanging. But remember, "Jesus would forgive!"**

Still, there's really no excuse for me not to take time from my drinking and whoring to recount the drinking and whoring of old ...

"Just Like Paradise," David Lee Roth.***

So here goes. Gosh, where to begin? A cast of characters, perhaps:

"Push It," Salt-n-Pepa***

Me: Townie; French Club president; editor of the school newspaper; vice president, Honor Society; smart-ass-at-large; youngest of six always trying to get someone to pay attention; writer.

Margaret: Natural blonde; two years younger; funny as hell; called her little sister Bobo and Albino when "Jack and Diane" weren't around; called my female cat Herman for no apparent reason; talented poet; once accused by her father of "bothering the whole household" while she was in a coat closet listening to music on her headphones; I've never thought she was fat; can eat a whole bag of Oreos in one sitting; was always trying to make out with my boyfriends (good success rate).

Chad: (1968-2006) The boy down the block; Margaret's first kiss on the dirt road; continually accused by us of lying; we remember him fondly and still do not know the manner of his untimely death.

Veronica: The friend through which Margaret and I met; boys always thought she was pretty; had pupils that weren't round, but looked like upside-down raindrops; canopy bed; always late -- we were always waiting on her.

Kathy: Mom was 16 when she had her and often was working, so Kathy's house was the place to be; played games there like mixing all manner of ingredients in the kitchen -- including dog food -- and then having someone blindfolded taste it and guess what it was.

"Could Have Been," Tiffany

Bob: A year or two older than me; Margaret had the biggest crush on him, even though he didn't bathe often; nice guy, though; took a lot of ribbing from us with good humor.


* Unfortunately, I could not locate the picture of you devouring a whole bag of Oreos in my room at 837 Lehigh. Also AWOL were the photos of us dressed as cats the Halloween we descended uninvited on Dickinson dorms while in high school.

** 1980s reference

*** In an effort to enhance your multimedia experience, I am peppering this post with links to video of the songs playing as I write.

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