Sunday, February 17, 2008

He Married Me, But Would He Friend Me on Facebook?

Because I am the editor for technology news at my newspaper, I felt it my duty to find out just what this Facebook thing was all about. I created a page and fooled around with it a bit, but failed to find any application that performed a function more efficiently than tools already at my disposal. (For ex., I could "throw a snowball" at someone, but then that someone would e-mail me and say, "Did you just do something to me on Facebook? I don't want to click on the e-mail if it's spam." To which I would reply, "Yes! I threw a snowball at you! Isn't that exciting? Click on it!") And said friend would click on the link to find that he had, indeed, been struck in the face with a virtual snowball. And lost 3 minutes of his life he will never get back.)

Regardless, the whole thing is addicitng. I've searched old playmates, lovers, colleagues, family members, only to find, tonight, my ex-husband. My first instinct was to friend him. But then I thought, what if he doesn't accept? So I simply examined his friends list, stared at the tiny picture of him and his girlfriend and her three kids, and logged off.

Damn that Facebook!

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