Thursday, January 31, 2008

This Just In: There's E-mail Access in Heaven!

This is the best press release I've received in a while; thought I'd share (It's also a cheap and easy way to log an entry, as Shaken Mama will boot me from her blog roll if I slumber). As one of my reporters mused: "Wonder if the FCC would be interested in this?"

Among my questions: What's the domain name? Who's teaching people like Laura Ingalls Wilder the Internet? What if you're illiterate? When are Hell, Limbo and Purgatory going to get Internet access? Finally, to hell with e-mail, let's get 'em on the Skype line!

P.S. A search for an illustration for this post brought up at least one other similar service, Is nothing sacred?

SoCal Psychic Mediums Email Dead People - Get a “Letter From
Heaven” at, the metaphysical website that enables users to communicate with deceased relatives and friends, has formed an Internet partnership with renowned psychic mediums, Melanie and Michele Morgan, it was announced today by Hardy Warren, President of AfterlifeLine, Inc.

“The SoCal psychic sisters are unique among mediums,” says Warren. “They are able to conduct fluent conversations with departed spirits and thus provide word-for-word messages containing language and references that are instantly recognizable. We call
their signature service a Letter From Heaven.”

The Morgan Sisters, also classical musicians and recording artists, have been using their psychic gifts to bring comfort, healing and transformation to their clients
for more than twenty years. “But now, with,” says Melanie, “we can service our clients remotely and forward Letters From Heaven over the Internet. Now we have a world-wide reach; we can help spiritualseekers everywhere.”

Warren and the Morgans see as filling a universal need. There are millions of people who have lost someone and are yearning for evidence of a life beyond this one. “So many of us are grieving,” says Michele. “It’s comforting to know that this life is neither the beginning nor the end. There is always a new opportunity to express love and forgiveness.”

In addition to their work with private clients, the Morgan Sisters are nearing completion on the first in a series of books entitled: STARS IN HEAVEN – The Dead Celebrity Archives, a collection of scholarly interviews they’ve conducted with dozens of departed quotable notables from the arts, sciences, politics, sports and
entertainment, including The Marx Brothers, John Lennon, Albert Einstein, Babe Ruth, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and many others.
Transcripts of some of these interviews are currently available at

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Anonymous said...

Hey Stella!

I’m the guy who wrote the press release for So happy you…”liked” it! By the way, the heavensmail site is a completely different service than and the amazing work Melanie & Michele Morgan do as mediums. You’re obviously a skeptic, but millions of people everywhere believe in the continuation of consciousness after physical death. And there are individuals gifted as mediums, like Melanie & Michele Morgan, who can communicate with departed spirits in the Afterlife. When all is said and done, after we die, I can only know that I was right and you can only know that you were wrong. Think about it…

Are you from Boston? Melanie & Michele Morgan are originally from Boston. Have you explored Have you read any of the Stars in Heaven transcripts? I’m sure you’re aware that there are hit TV shows about this stuff. Millions of people are interested in it. There’s a story here, Stella….