Sunday, January 27, 2008

Baby Talk

Today was Chebbles' Mama's "unofficial" baby shower, as I take it some people don't think it's appropriate to go all out for additional children. As the youngest of six, I say woot woot! It's not the baby's fault she wasn't born first.

I was one of three unmarried women there. I kept looking around thinking, these women are gorgeous and young. Since when did being a mom become so cool?

I was on hand for Chebbles' grand entrance into this world (she actually looks more like my daughter than E.'s, which has prompted the neverending joke, "Are you sure she's yours?"). E. and I agree: The event traumatized me more than it did her. Hey, I had nothing to take home with me, though E. graciously later awarded me a "participation" ribbon, which hangs on my fridge.

Chebbles wasn't on hand for the festivities, but being at Shaken Mama's abode reminded me that I wanted to record what I learned from Chebbles last week when V. and I came to visit.

1. If you're getting dressed when guests arrive and you're impatient to see them, it is totally OK to streak into the living room just carrying your panties, which you can put on later.
2. Sometimes sunglasses actually look cooler when you wear them upside-down.
3. Having a full, stinky load in your pants should not deter you from asking someone to carry you.
4. Occasionally, stuffed animals need their temperature taken. Thermometer in the ear is the best approach.
5. Sometimes daddies think they're creating a cute surprise when they line up all the Disney princess Pez dispensers in the front window for Chebbles' return, but it turns out that is a most unwelcome gesture.

Chebs, there's no end to what I'm going to learn from you and your li'l sis!

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Chebbles' Mama said...

Chebbles missed seeing her AS yesterday, for sure. She had SO MUCH ELSE to tell you. For example, it is now cool in our 'hood to wear your pajamas backwards, and pretend it was YOUR idea, although it was your MOM's, because you kept taking them off at night.

As for the Pez dispensers, don't nobody go lining them up on the windowsill, get me?