Wednesday, October 04, 2006

My Men Retreat

My ex-husband, M., is a senior editor at a local magazine.

My ex-boyfriend T., who has become a current suitor (recurrent suitor?), is an editor at said magazine's online counterpart.

Each business entity had been owned separately. Recently, they merged.

Each year, the print mag has a work retreat. Now, those will include the eds from the online side.

This means that T. and M. are spending three days together, beginning tomorrow, at a retreat down toward Santa Cruz.

I think this is priceless. My ex and my ex, going on a long weekend.

On an unrelated note, I want to give a big online kiss and thank you to my new friend who took me out to lunch at the Beach Chalet today. You know who you are! (And do you want to go on a retreat?)


Beebers said...

oh geeze... even though they're exes, i'd been paranoid about them talking shit about me.

better if a current beau went with both exes!

Naynayfazz said...

That is a little weird, eh? I agree with Beebers... I would bug them or something just in case they talk shit.

reader_iam said...

better if a current beau went with both exes!

Well, I suppose that could cut both ways.

As it happens, I met my husband almost 12 years back in a bar (the Deer Park, Newark, actually) in 1992--when he happened to be standing with two guys whom I had a dated previously, one recently and one about 4-5 years before that. I hadn't even know that that the latter two knew each other, which at the time really freaked me out, but it turns out that all three of them had gone to the same high school (along with my husband's first wife).

Well, obviously it all worked out. But I never asked DH what sorts of conversation they all had about me (sometimes ignorance is bliss).

Now that I'm thinking about this, though, I'm curious, and my husband and I have been married long enough now that he actually might tell me.

Not sure if that's a good or bad thing.

Priceless indeed!

I never did ask what

reader_iam said...

Nice picture, by the way.

edee said...

do they know about each other?

Stella Haven said...

Yes, indeed, they know about each other. BUT, both are gentlemen, I must say.

Serena said...

Oh wow! This would terrify me : )