Sunday, October 15, 2006

Just Waiting on a Bed

Yesterday I went out for a long walk and ended up buying a bed.

I'm like that -- I get an idea into my head and I think about it and think about it, and then I'll find myself passing the appropriate outlet and -- boom. I think, well, now's as good a time as any. Let's do it.

The full mattress I have been sleeping on for the past 10 years was purchased lovingly, along with an antique rosewood frame, by my ex-husband to greet me upon my arrival in San Francisco.

But our apartment was small, and I had a perpetual bruise on my right thigh where I inevitably would hit the footboard as I rounded it.

I kept the bed after M. and I split, but it never seemed right. It really didn't seem right for anyone else but him to be in it with me. After I bought my place, I sold the frame to a sweet couple who had just moved here from Japan. The woman jumped up and down at the price: $25.

Lately, I've realized my mattress isn't that comfortable anymore. And, I'll admit, SOMEONE in this household had peed on it once or twice.

Since buying my place, I've set about trying to upgrade parts of my life to adult level. Buying a real bed, I thought, would be mature and therapeutic, not to mention symbolic.

So yesterday, as I took my 80-block walk (yes, you read that right; I'm not the old Stella), I found myself in front of Sleep Train on Geary. In I went, told salesman Dane what I wanted, and Bob's your Uncle (what the hell does that mean?), I am awaiting the delivery of a California king-size Simmons Beautyrest set with drawers built into the boxspring.

Yep, the biggest-ass bed I could find. I cleaned out my bedroom this morning in preparation.

Dane even threw in a magic mattress cover that doesn't allow liquid to reach the mattress. Take that, cats!

(As an aside, what's the deal with there being two king sizes -- Eastern and California? Ours is longer, either demonstrating that we grow 'em big out here -- or that we simply are more decadent.)


Chebbles' Mama said...

What a grand way for you and Vic to start your new lives together! Don't forget to smash a bottle of champagne against the bedstead. Come to think of it, that's a huge waste of good alcohol.

edee said...

good for you! sounds very comfy and pee free is good...on a seperate note - how long does it take you to complete an 80 block walk?

DaisyJo said...

You'll be so happy that you bought a new one - I can't believe how much better I'm sleeping these days since I got my new mattress.

Got me there for a sec - glad it was the cat!!

Stella Haven said...

The walk took me about two hours, but I was lollygagging here and there in shops. It's not very long -- only about 6 miles.

Good thing I got the walk in, as I'm never leaving my bed again.

Friend Vic said...

Yeah - When Sue proposed, I told her I'd marry her but only if she first got us a comfy new bed. I guess she's proven that she really loves me . . . . :-)