Tuesday, September 05, 2006

What If People Purred? And Other Nonsense While Waiting for Nip/Tuck to Come On

My friend Shaken Mama and I have laughed in the past about the concept of people purring and not being able to help themselves, and the kind of trouble this autonomic reaction surely would get you in.

I was reminded of this recently when, for reasons too mundane to recount here, I came to be in possession of an organizational chart for my company that placed me ridiculously high in the ranks, especially factoring in the money I (don't) make, and that I'm, well, I'm just a girl in San Francisco. Come on, now.

There was only one level above me! Holy shit, I thought. I swear I almost purred.

I'd like to take the hypothetical a paw-step further, as inspired by my young cat Stosh.

Stosh gets so overcome with glee at the prospect of being fed in the morning, he can't control himself. While Vesper is waiting stoically, eyeing me warily from a strategic position near where I will place his bowl, Stosh romps with an imaginary toy or friend for a minute, and then collapses onto his back, rolling back and forth like some Biblical character that Jesus would have cured of the fits.

Recently, it's crossed my mind: What if humans not only purred, but succumbed to this behavior as well?

An imaginary office meeting:

Boss: "So, Stella, we need you to go to Chicago with Jim (dropdead gorgeous colleague for whom you've had the hots for years). And, uh, well, considering our budget, we were hoping you two wouldn't mind sharing a hotel room."

At which point Stella Haven collapses to the floor of the conference room, purring to beat the band, before bolting back to the newsroom and yowling like a cat in heat.

Surely, Tom Peters would think of a way to manage these instincts? One can only hope.

Meanwhile, I eagerly await tonight's premiere of Nip/Tuck, featuring my true-life obsession, Julian McMahon.



Naynayfazz said...

You and I must be on the same wave length. Why do you ask? Well SH, yesterday's blog that I wrote was about crazy kitty behavior. Also, I LOVE Nip/Tuck. I could not watch it last night because we got rid of our cable to save money. :( Did anything good happen?! And lastly, if you go to one of my old myspace blogs, you can read about my love for Julian McMahon.


Naynayfazz said...
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Naynayfazz said...

Ok, well somehow the stupid blog address about Julian McMahon did not work when I posted it to you, so I will tell you how to get there. If you go to my myspace blog, go to blog archives.... type in Nov 16 2005 and it will come up. The name of it is "confessions of a way too old teeny bopper."

Serena said...

Hahahaha. Now I have the funniest pictures running through my head.

DaisyJo said...

I'm sure I would have purred at times, if only I could roll my rrrrr's. Darn it!!

Mad Anonyethelmous said...

Ooooh. I love me some Christian. Rooowr! Can you be-frikkin'-lieve they are suggesting he is in love with Sean? Boooo. Why, N/T writers, why?! And I'm getting nervous that they are bringing in big name stars. That's always a bad sign.