Wednesday, September 06, 2006

My Top 10 List or Men Who Make Me Purr

Before M. and I got married back in '96, at my suggestion we put together our "lists." (This would have been too crass of an exercise for him to introduce. The man was a gentleman.)

That is, what top 10 celebrities do you want to grandfather in to your union just on the happenstance you meet them some day and fall into bed and you don't want to have to say, "Hey! I can't do this! What am I thinking? I'm married."

I remember being peeved at his inclusion of Alicia Silverstone (did I say gentleman? She's a child! I cried. That's sick!)

I remember some of the men I had on my list: Tom Petty, Bill Pullman, any of the Baldwins, Martin Sheen or any of his sons ...

With the start of the fall TV season -- and so many cuties on TV! -- I decided it was time to rewrite my list. In no particular order, here are the lucky gents:

1. Colin Firth
2. Rick Springfield
3. Julian McMahon
4. John Cusack
5. (Richard Gere removed 10/21) in favor of Keanu Reeves
6. David Boreanaz
7. (Tim Robbins removed 9/7) in favor of Harry Connick Jr.
8. Alec Baldwin
9. (Martin Sheen removed 9/7) in favor of Hugh Grant
10. I can't decide between Mark Wahlberg and Matt Dillon. Help?

Those who didn't make the cut, but whom I wouldn't kick out of bed for eating crackers:
Richard Gere
Martin Sheen
Bill Clinton
John McCain (no, he's not gross! I like older men.)
Michael Keaton
John Corbett
Johnny Depp
Crispin Glover (I don't think he'd be able to spend the night. I wouldn't trust him with my eyes closed)
John Travolta
John Irving
Christian Bale
Tim Robbins

So pony up, who are your dream lovahs?


DaisyJo said...

In no particular order:
1. Kevin Costner
2. Colin Firth
3. David Duchovny
4. John Cusak
5. Patrick Dempsey
6. Josh Lucas
7. George Clooney
8. Richard Gere
9. Matt Damon (have you seen the forearms on this boy!?)
10. Harry Connick, Jr.

Stella Haven said...

Ooooh, Harry Connick Jr.! I think I'm going to have to boot someone off my list for him. Hugh Grant, too -- I forgot him. David Duchovny strikes me as someone who would have bad breath in the morning. :)

Callimachus said...

I shouldn't have to remind you that in 31 states, including Pennsylvania, the best man at the wedding is, eo ipso, included on the bride's "would do" list.

DaisyJo said...

Oh, I forgot Hugh! And speaking of Hugh, Hugh Jackman is kinda yummy looking too. Is he straight?

Stella Haven said...

Callimachus! I had a drink (several) tonight with the groom at my wedding -- who isn't even on my to-do list! And may I remind you that for part of the wedding you were out in your car with your date? However, I am perfectly willing to push one of my top-10s aside for you ... and you know I would never kick you out of bed for eating crackers.

Naynayfazz said...

I will post my dream lovahs in tomorrow's blog. I just blogged and remembered I wanted to do this list thing.

Callimachus said...

We weren't in the car, actually. It was up against the door of the old smokehouse next door, if you want to be specific.

TinaPoPo said...

Wait, no Patrick Dempsey? Really? I thought he was kind of an automatic. Can I put him twice on my list then?