Thursday, July 13, 2006


For no apparent reason, my sister and I recently became obsessed with finding datenut bread in a can, the kind we used to put cream cheese on when we were kids. Doesn't it look gross?

Initial searching revealed only recipes for datenut bread. We had no use for these. We wanted our datenut bread READYMADE and we wanted it in a CAN.

Further searching on my part unearthed a message board upon which someone had written that the datenut roll (that is what it's called, it turns out) for which we quested was no longer produced but nevertheless available at the Vermont Country Store, which, it appears, is the purveyor of all things Memory Lane.

Now, my sister and I are awaiting the arrival of two cans each (the minimum order), and I have my cream cheese chilling so that I can break open mine immediately.

I remain troubled by something, though: If no one makes this stuff anymore, exactly where does the VCS get it from? Are the items they're selling as old as the memories of them? Their prices certainly aren't.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, did you ever get your datenut bread and how was it? I too am suddenly obsessed and I see it for sale at VCS. I'm tempted!